Sunday, 27 January 2013

Shopper's Paradise

True to its name, to a shopaholic (compulsive shopper), our vast collection of garments and accessories is veritably a paradise. It is our sincere endeavor in the field of female fashion to provide the best in garments and latest ladies body wear accessories. 
gowns for sale in goaWhatever be the occasion, we have a vast variety of dresses and gowns to clothe your skin and get you glamorously ready for any party or event in Goa.  If you want to dress just to chill, or you want to be dressed to kill, then Shopper’s Paradise in Margao is the place to shop for your hearts fashionable desire. 
Shopper’s Paradise has everything that is needed to adorn and beautify a womans body. From the tip of the head to the toe of the feet, we have everything in store. 
dress for sale in goaShopper’s Paradise stocks everything from exclusive gowns, dresses, lingerie, tops, shirts, trousers, formal & casual skirts, denim jeans, caprice, denim skirts, short pants, cotton caprice, hand bags, belts, sunglasses, wedding gowns & accessories, shoes, artificial jewelry and bags. 
The owner & proprietor of Shopper’s Paradise is the young & affable Mr. Pele Gomes.  Just like the football stars of yesteryears, the Goan Pele Gomes is equally dynamic and enterprising in the challenging and ever changing industry of fashion & style. Also supporting and assisting him is his wife Bibiana Gomes who manages the shop whenever he is on his business trips abroad.
The Proprietor, Pele has an interesting comment on Fashion in general:  He says, “One can judge a man by the car he drives and One can spot a woman’s passion by the stylish clothes she attires”.
Shopper’s Paradise has something of everything to satisfy any womans fashion desire. The collection & variety at Shopper’s Paradise is so huge that one showroom was not enough so they opened a new showroom just a few walking steps away from each other. So now you have a selection of 2 Shopper’s Paradise Showrooms to add to your clothes collection.
We would like to equate every womans visit to our Shopper’s Paradise Showrooms with the thought of a Nobel Prize winner Anatole France's comment on the latest womans fashion. 

History of Gowns

History of Gowns

gowns for sale in goaAn evening gown is a long gracefully flowing women's dress usually dressed for a formal affair. At Shoppers Paradise, evening gowns are frequently made of an elegant fabric such as chiffon, velvet, satin, or silk.gowns for sale in goa
Shoppers Paradise also have Ball Gowns on display. Ball gowns and evening gowns differ in that a ball gown will always have a full, flared skirt and a strapless bodice; in contrast, an evening gown can be any silhouette - sheath, mermaid, A-line or trumpet shaped - and may have straps, halters or even sleeves.
Evening dresses and Party dresses at Shoppers Paradise are available from small sizes to the XXXL sizes.  Long Gowns at Shoppers Paradise are available from small sizes to the XXXL sizes or UK sizes 8 to 20. Our evening gowns are so amazing, that you will not want the party or the night to end.

Modern Day Gowns

Starting with the 1930s, evening gowns began to modernize. Along with the empire cut, over the years the sheath, mermaid, A-line, and trumpet shapes became popular. Also, the dropped waist and princesses styles were frequent, depending on the era. Grace Kelly is noted for wearing modest evening gowns. Today, the evening gown comes in any silhouette, and is popular for formal occasions such as the opera, formal dinners, cocktail parties, and wedding receptions.